About Us

Who Are We?

If you lack an online presence for your investment, you are missing out on unlimited business opportunities. Technology came as a savior to entrepreneurs.

The accessibility to smartphones makes it even better in terms of increasing the market.

At Simply Global Media, we are here to hold your hand on how to grow your business on the web.

 Besides, we strive to give you all information to help you as a novice to create income from the internet.

What are some of the businesses you can do online?

Anything you can do from your computer is a business opportunity. Moreover, you can use online platforms to get customers and use your resources to deliver the products.

The service industry is the biggest beneficiary in this arrangement. Whether its consultancy, counseling service, dating, among others.

Some people work online and earn their daily living. The recent Covid-19 pandemic is an eye-opener on the need to monetize your business. The vast online market is a market gap in its own right.

Here are a few businesses you can do online

  • Online freelance writing
  • Virtual Assistance service
  • Online shop
  • Reservations and appointment setting business
  • Online banking services
  • Research

Why is Online Business Important ?

Increase market

If you depend on walk-in customers, you are losing on customers who want services at the comfort of their homes.

The only way they will know your business exists is when you go out there and advertise. We provide all the relevant links on sustainable tools to make you achieve this objective.

Traditional media channels are expensive and reach a minimum audience compared to when you opt to use social media platforms to enlighten your customers on the existence of your business.


Online business is cheap and affordable. You only need to invest in digital tools effectively for your business.

Your public relation skills and ability to convince customers to buy your product using words is your savior.

You don’t need marketing personnel, operations employees, and also rent and utility bills that come with a physical office.

The money you use for this, you can divert them to other online business ventures. In our blog posts, you learn the tricks in increasing your income but reducing your expenditure.

Enhance client-customer interaction

Customers love companies that listen and promptly act on their concerns. One thing about inline business is a virtual interaction.

As you market your product, customers ask queries, and you answer. While they make orders, you also work on your operations for client satisfaction. That is the power of our business model.

Also, digital marketing strategies have inbuilt marketing analysis tools such that you monitor every step your client makes on the marketing campaigns you make.

Supports eco-friendly technologies

Environmentalists are up in arms on the need to save our planet. Online business passively enhances this call for action.

In this business setup, there is minimal use of paper; everything is digitalized, including the authentication of office documents.

 If you are passionate about the environment, then online business is your cup of business tea.

Remote business management

Gone are the days your physical presence matters a lot for business operation and continuity.

With online tools, there is digitalized registration; you can remotely monitor what every employee does.

You get real-time reports, among other online services. You manage all your business operations from the comfort of your home.

How to start an online business

First, identify the kind of business you want to do on the web. Before you look for clients, ensure the business has an online presence.

Start small and grow as the market demand. Open a social media page for your business for customers to get more information about your business.

The pages are not enough to make them active through media posts, comment on people’s ideas and thoughts. Listen to them and answer their queries. Prompt delivery on the said product or service is vital.

Move a step farther and develop an intuitive website as your virtual shop. It is the core of any online business. Also, add a blog page where you inform your viewers and followers on related products and services.

What is the future of online business

The worst mistake you can make in an online platform is to be rigid. It is a dynamic industry that changes with technology.

It’s vital to keep an eye on the latest business trends. Use multimedia tools to design your website. In the product sale business, make them attractive and intuitive. In short, let your customer have a reason to look at it.

Simpleglobalmedia.com is a blog specifically designed to equip both the beginner and experts in online entrepreneurship on the best skills to add value to their business.

In the five years in this business, we have managed to double our following, thanks to our factual and relevant information we provide to our readers.

Our work is to make sure you have all it takes to jumpstart and enhance your online business with our expert knowledge in the field.